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New Blog

This is CB, formerly of fragmentedrainbow. I tried to switch across to use my new blog and everything got deleted! I managed to salvage my last two posts so will add them now, the rest is gone 😦

Anyway, if you’re reading this, thanks for finding me!


10 thoughts on “New Blog”

      1. There’s no way it’s gone! What was your old URL? The internet archives everything – publish once, publish forever! Tell me and I’ll find it all for you and bung you an email x

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      2. Seriously? It was 🌟🌟🌟
        Also, are my comments showing on your blog now? I’ve left like 3 in the past last few days and they’ve disappeared!!

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      3. Uh oh! I haven’t seen any of them… I’ll have a look for you re: your sight- the web usually gets archived, but I don’t actually know how often! I have found stuff before though so fingers crossed!

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      4. Thank you! Don’t worry too much though – I’d saved a few as word docs. Oh
        I wonder where my comments are going… It’s happened on other sites too…


      5. Yup! I only wrote testing though lol! It is pretty incredible the shit that triggers us, or not so I guess…

        Argh I have no idea why comments are showing on some blogs and not others. I do not fucking understand WP at all!!!!


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