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The moon

Dear K,

I just caught a glimpse of the nearly-full moon as I was getting into bed. How many times have we spoken of the moon? How many times have I looked up at it from outside your house after session? Do you remember the time we were sitting next to each other on the floor and both noticed at the same time a misty crescent moon in the dark sky framed beautifully in the window? Do you remember when you were in Portugal and in one of our emails Miffy asked if her moon was the same as yours and you replied saying ‘the moon is the same, and the stars are the same’?

You’ve read Little Rabbit Waits for the Moon to us so many times! And one day Miffy realised you are like the moon – always there even when we can’t see you, keeping us safe and affecting us in magical and often unnoticed ways.

moon bunny

The moon and her cycles have been such an important part of our work. When I feel unsafe I picture my moon from your garden and you don’t feel so far away – under the same sky. I can almost feel I’m in your garden, with you, as I’ve been so many times.

I miss you. This is the longest we will have gone without being in touch. When I let myself think about it it hurts so much. Without you I feel lost inside myself.

Please come back to me, to all of us. Please help us find our way back to each other. You said what we have cannot be broken, that we are part of each other forever now. Please show everyone you were right.

I love you. You are the mum we never had and always needed. You are helping me find safety inside myself by being like the moon, pouring your invisible love and healing into me, holding me even when we are far apart.

Please don’t let me go.


4 thoughts on “The moon”

  1. So awesome C, yet so heartbreaking at the same time. I understand the pain of feeling alone when T is lost to me. It’s so hard. Thinking of you in your struggles. ❀

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