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Horror show

I am triggered beyond belief this morning by the political landscape unfolding in our country. Dark times. I barely slept last night and needed to leave for work half an hour ago. I have to go in today but all I want to do is hide in bed and pretend I am surrounded by people who actually give a shit about their fellow human beings and the other species we share our home planet with. I need to get it together and brush my teeth and get on my bike but I don’t want to. And teen parts are having the hugest meltdown imaginable this morning.

I am so angry that the corporate mainstream media have brought us to this place. Their war against Jeremy Corbyn is so fucking obvious – how are people taken in by it? I still cannot understand how a referendum proven to be won on lies and propaganda is valid. I am fucking horrified that people vote for the party that will best serve them, with no concern for the poor, vulnerable, sick and disabled, because they believe the capitalist neo-liberal rhetoric that anyone who is not rich like them just hasn’t worked hard enough. I am even more horrified by all the people who vote against their own interests because they don’t understand that our system is set up to keep the ruling elite firmly in power and their interests protected above everything else, that the policies they are sold aren’t designed to benefit them, that the system works exactly as it was intended to.

I am terrified about the erosion of the NHS and the welfare state, about what lies ahead for people like my brother once the pittance big business is allowed to pay people isn’t boosted by welfare benefits. There is so much poverty and misery and suffering in our country already, a big Tory majority will see another 4 million children slide into abject poverty over the next 4 years with all the physical and emotional health problems that go with it. And I am terrified as now there will be zero action either to reduce our contribution to the climate crisis or to mitigate its impacts in the UK as it intensifies over the coming years. I want to fucking scream at all the selfish fucks who have done this. How can anyone think selling off the NHS and eroding what is left of the welfare state is a good thing? How can there be so many people unable to open their hearts to the people around them? How can so many people be so stupid as to think that the climate crisis will spare them, that when ecological collapse intensifies they will find food even though no one else will?

I don’t want to live on this planet anymore. What humanity has done to it is too distressing to witness.

9 thoughts on “Horror show”

  1. its such a terrible news. Bye bye, NHS & remnants of the social welfare state. hello, more entrenched neo-liberalism, racism and environmental devastation. hold on to each other in the meantime!

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      1. maybe i could just sponsor your citizenship to the still-somewhat-bouillant democracy in which i live?? not as fun as heroin on the
        beach, though

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