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Tied together with a smile

Good news at last that I wanted to share on my blog! I checked my emails when I got out of therapy and saw that my application to come off probation, which carries with it an automatic promotion to the next level in my career, has been accepted! I wasn’t expecting to hear until Wednesday or Thursday so it came as a shock and I misread the email at first and thought it had been rejected and felt really deflated and shit haha. Then I re-read it and realised it said they had supported and so I ended up sitting in the car texting people (K first, obviously) down the lane from K’s for a while before I drove home.

I am honestly so happy and relieved, for so many reasons. It comes with a pretty good pay rise so I can get out of debt over the next 18 months and also have a little bit for extras too. And it means I am OFF PROBATION and can stop saying yes to every single ridiculous request that comes my way in case it is held against me. And of course I am really proud because I have worked SO HARD and it is nice to have that recognised. And the work I do is important and it is good (I want to say amazing but that makes me feel boastful and embarrassed) that despite how much I struggle, despite having almost-DID, I have been able to use my ability to conduct research to make a difference for victims of domestic and sexual violence.

I wanted to tell my Mum. It is the first time something huge has happened and I haven’t text her. And I wanted to buy cider or go to the pub to celebrate, but instead I am about to have a cup of tea and make some dinner. But overall I feel good because it takes so much pressure off and there are lots and lots of people I could message who are over the moon for me. And tomorrow Nina will miss swimming training so we can go for dinner to celebrate. I might even get the ridiculously priced tickets to take her to see Taylor Swift in Hyde Park in the summer!

16 thoughts on “Tied together with a smile”

  1. Yay!!! I am so happy for you… You definitely deserve it and I’m glad they recognise it…
    Lotsa hugs and love, light and glitter

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