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Today is 5 years since K and I first met. I remember that day like it was yesterday but at the same time it feels as though a hundred years have passed since then. I am a totally different person than I was when K and I started working and yet more myself than ever.

I wanted to reflect a little on where I was at in therapy at this time in each of the years we have worked, so I looked in my old journals to see what I’d written and what I was working through at this point in August each year. I don’t want to trigger myself though, so this will be a light post that doesn’t delve too deeply into what was coming up. It felt important to mark this date in some way though, and it is also a good reminder that time passes and things change even when it feels like we will be stuck in the same painful situation forever.

In August 2015 I really was a total mess and had been since Jess died in December 2014 really. I was also functioning really well when I wasn’t in emotional flashbacks (hello dissociation I was yet to discover I even had) and I was putting all my energies into healing and making change in my life. I was working regularly with my acupuncturist who is trained in working with trauma, and also with a shamanic journey therapist. Both of these people were important to me, but they weren’t able to contain the level of distress and the memories that were coming up and I was suicidal and regularly planning to kill myself and Nina because it seemed as though the damage from transgenerational trauma was too great for either of us to ever recover from. I contacted K when it became apparent I needed ‘proper therapy’ to guide me through the healing process (which I thought would take a year or two!) and we first met on this day 5 years ago. This is what I wrote in my journal that evening:

This evening I went to meet K, psychotherapist. She seemed good. (Lol, this makes me laugh so much – ‘good’). Lots of experience with complex trauma. She said my flashbacks are pretty severe and that we’re going to need to go very slowly and build up the trust and the relationship before we move into looking at the trauma. I feel less hopeless than I have. I’m prepared for things to get worse before they get better… I feel a structured path and contained space is going to really help me, along with someone strong and able to challenge me.

Honestly, I had no real idea what I was getting into or how much worse it was going to get… I didn’t even realise I was dissociated, let alone someone who was extremely fragmented with almost autonomous alters or parts. And I had no idea how important the relationship would be, how it would become something that felt like it was killing me and keeping me alive nearly all the time for more than 3 and a half years. I thought therapy would be all about me, but in fact it was all about K and us – her and I together – and that has been so unexpected and beautiful and painful all at the same time. Bittersweet.

A year later our work had really got going and I was deep in the attachment work, but I’d say I still hadn’t reached the most intense and agonising work we had to do. We didn’t mark a year but I wrote briefly in my journal:

A whole year of working with K. I had no idea she’d come to be so important to me, no idea I was dissociated or had parts or was as broken as I am.

She went away for the first time since we’d been working together a few days later and I remember I had intense pain in my toes and was convinced I was getting rheumatoid arthritis. I really lost it and was in a state of heightened anxiety and catastrophising about everything. Luckily I bumped into my acupuncturist and he said often toe pain is where we are – literally – gripping the ground in fear! This explanation and validation was enough to settle things but for quite a few years after that I experienced toe pain when I was apart from K. She had wanted us to do some work by email during the 10 day break but I was too cut off to contact her – I sent a short email telling her I couldn’t send a proper email because it felt weird since I didn’t really know who she was. She replied and said she understood and was holding hope for me. Then a young part (Miffy) quickly sent an email while I was distracted in town, saying she missed K and hated the break and she remembered her even though no one else did. K sent a lovely message for her and young parts and a video of some goats running around the garden wall of her house in Portugal and just before she came home Miffy text her because she was so worried she wouldn’t come back and K replied saying ‘I am coming home. In Lisbon tonight and going on an aeroplane in the morning.’ We cried and cried in relief after getting that message, letting out all the anguish of the 10 day break. We literally counted down the hours till she was back and had the hugest meltdown ever after we finally got to see her the next day.

August 2017: K and I did a long bike ride to celebrate and then had tea and some of the cake I had made her sitting in the garden. It was perfect. She said it was her favourite therapy session ever, with any client, and that stands – for both of us – to this day I think. It was perfect. I was choosing a secondary school for Nina at that time and as we cycled and I talked it through K helped me get past all the background noise and unwanted input from others to work out what was right for both Nina and I for the next stage of our lives. It was magical and it is wonderful now that she is at the perfect school for her and we are living out of town and it was all due to seeds sown by K that day. And also such a positive experience of being supported to tune into my own sense of what is needed after a lifetime of being unable to hear my own voice due to trying to keep everyone else happy.

Our third anniversary, in August 2018, was during our only month-long August therapy break, shortly after K had told me she was taking 2019 as a sabbatical for her health and we would be ending our work – or taking an extended break with no definite return at the end of it – at the end of the year. I was in bits, as those who’ve followed my blog since then will know (her circumstances changed and in October 2018 she told me she wouldn’t be able to take the year off so we could keep working if I wanted to), but I did manage to make the best of that month to stabilise myself and make plans for how I would continue my healing journey without her. I marked the date by writing a blog post about the fact that K stayed for so long through so many hard times despite it being a rocky road that she felt ill-equipped to walk beside me on sometimes. I am so bloody relieved that wasn’t the beginning of the end though – we’ve done incredible work since then and also reaped a lot of the rewards from all the hard times in the previous three years.

Last year at this time things were SO different than they had been in previous years. I’d really moved through a lot of the attachment work and was in a much more settled place where I didn’t experience anywhere near as much shame for needing K. Nina and I were away on the 26th so K and I marked 4 years since we had our first proper session which was 2nd September. K was about to move house, which some of you may remember caused a bit of a storm, despite her saying we weren’t making a hullabaloo out of it because the most important things – her and I – were going to the new house! We sat in the garden and she gave us a beautiful silver bracelet (the one Nina wrecked last week) and I gave her a huge card made by a lot of parts in my system with pictures of things we had done together and things that are meaningful for us. Then I read aloud something I had written for her (which you can read here if you are interested) and we reflected on our time together and how far I had come. It was also our last session in her home that we had been to over 300 times, so it was emotional and difficult (I’ve written before about why the therapy room in her last house, and the garden there have been such huge parts of our healing journey) but also beautiful and I wrote down some things K said in the session afterwards about how she wishes she could magic shame away for us and how lovely it would have been for Miffy ‘if she had had all that when she was very little in a little body’.

This time last year I was so aware of how far I’d come in terms of being able to tolerate closeness and connection without feeling crippling shame or wanting to die or dissociating and forgetting K entirely – it was breathtaking and it is this which has sustained me through everything the past year has thrown at me. Missing her is a deep ache inside me right now but I also feel so much gratitude for all that my work with her has enabled me to be, and perhaps also a little hope that on this day next year we will be sitting together in her garden reflecting on 2020 and looking back in amazement that we survived such a huge disruption in our work.

14 thoughts on “august”

  1. I love it that K was able to tell you it was her best ever client session. I think it’s really important therapist’s feed back to us like that, and I’m so glad you were given this ♥️

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    1. Thank you 💜 I agree, it’s so valuable. I used to be forever falling into shame over the relationship not being ‘real’ and it has helped to shift that when she shares how important it is for her too. She’s also said most therapy isn’t like this and that what we have is rare and it helps, not because I want to be the most important (though there’s an element of that of course 😝) but because for me it is such a profound relationship compared with all the others I’ve had in my life and it is nice to know it operates on that level for her too in some ways, despite there being obvious differences in how she experiences me.

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      1. That’s so interesting about how K said most therapy isn’t like this… Guy said the same to me! I think it’s nice for them to have the novelty of working at such a deep level like this, it’s as different a relationship for them as it is for us that way.
        I had expected they’d keep it to themselves as some kind of therapist secret nobody can tell, like a magician’s secret… but if K and Guy have both said the same, maybe no need for it to be a secret then! It also means to me that she will be feeling this time very acutely. You will be very much on her mind, I would think!

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      1. Ikr, it’s crazy how much it’s given me. I hope I get to see her again (obviously) but even if things go horribly wrong this is all still real. How are you holding up? X

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      2. yep exactly it’s all still real ❤️❤️

        lol i don’t even know. on Monday my therapist told me she had a little bit of news, which of course i hoped would be about ditching these godforsaken video sessions. but instead she told me she’s going on vacation for a week in September.. which isn’t that long, but i can barely handle the time from my wednesday to monday session let alone a whole week. when she asked how that was to hear all i could say was “ask me another day”.when she’s out for a work related thing, she always said i could reach her, but i have no idea what the deal will be with vacation? even if she said it’s ok, i can’t imagine interrupting her break like that, so i guess i just anticipate it being a painful week.

        some people with trauma histories say COVID has been good for them or that they’ve coped so well and only well-adjusted people are having a hard time. i am happy for those people, but that is so not my experience so i feel like a whiny brat for being so bent out of shape about COVID. anyway there’s a mouthful 😂 thanks for asking..

        thinking of you and i hope you’re doing alright today.

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      3. Yeah, I’d probably wait to be offered contact when a T is on vacation, mostly because if they said no I’d want to die! I wonder if the complex trauma people who are coping are those not in therapy, or not doing deep attachment work type therapy, which has been disrupted! And maybe don’t have a need for peace and space at home on a regular basis or live alone! You’re not the only one struggling and hating it and you are NOT a whiny brat! I can see how some people with trauma have coped well because I’ve noticed my nervous system settled more than it ever has before (until recently, when Nina has turned into the worst and most bratty teenager ever lol and we’ve been out and about more because I’m off work) but I think attachment stuff makes it all harder, plus it depends where you are in the world and your life circumstances and stuff. I just want it all to be over now and life be normal again!

        You’re not alone and you will survive the therapy break ❤️


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