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Sweeter than fiction

Finally we can breathe again. It feels as though 2020 has got its shit together at last!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

Obviously I’m talking about Trump. And also the first female vice-president who happens also to be a woman of colour. Not to mention Nigel Farage putting Β£10k on Trump to win πŸ˜‚

Without the US on board humanity had no chance of avoiding extinction through climate and ecological breakdown. Biden has promised that he will sign the US back up to the Paris Agreement on his first day in office after Trump pulled out of it this week. At last a president who can be campaigned against in a normal way!

I am so happy for the people of America and loving watching the celebrations and outpourings of love and relief. I feel as though there should be parties in the streets of every country of the world today because this a turning point for the whole planet.

Enough people chose love and hope over fear and destruction to change the global narrative. There is much repairing to be done and reparations to be made but they can begin now.

And if the coronavirus could just fuck off then 2020 would truly have redeemed itself!

8 thoughts on “Sweeter than fiction”

  1. such a relief! I’ve been focusing on the huge gains made in smaller races a ton of trans, black and indigenous people will be state senators and on state legislatures, especially in the South. 3 new black — including the first two openly gay male – congressmen are heading to Washington, including Cori Bush of Missouri who came to politics through BLM protests after the death of Michael Brown and yers of organizing in its wake. And the squad were all reelected! great things happened at every level. Now you Brits just have to oust BoJo πŸ™‚ Glad things are looking up. CB.

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    1. Ugh he’s not even done a year so far. And I’m sure we’re capable of worse if there’s a leadership contest before the next general election 😬

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