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Dear CB,

I hope you are well. I wonder if it would be helpful to speak briefly to find a way forward. I could do that at 3 today or 11 tomorrow.

Let me know if you would like to do that.

Warm wishes,


So this was an unexpected text to receive this morning. I had just got back from my morning bike ride, committed to not checking my emails until I’d showered and meditated as I knew hearing from K could set my day off course again, and her text was there when I looked at my phone. We are going to speak at 11 tomorrow. I don’t know if it will be to discuss how to end our work appropriately, or if it will to consider whether we could try working online again for a few sessions and then end if it doesn’t work, but either way it is better than the alternatives.

I am trying not to be hopeful but I really don’t want to end our work and I can’t help but hope that maybe she is open to at least trying to work online again. If not, I hope she has been able to at least take in how damaging it would be for our work to end in this way given the depths we went to together, and all the open boxes left on the therapy shelf, and that we would need more than one or two sessions to close things appropriately.

Who knows what she is thinking though? This year she has behaved in some pretty surprising ways!