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Thank You Universe

Today is Nina’s 12th birthday and we have extra cause for celebration as I’ve this morning accepted an offer on our house! It’s a first time buyer who liked it and so when I reduced the price yesterday he put in an offer of the full asking price.

I spent Monday in therapy in a state of utter overwhelm and despair that we would never move. The location I’d visited on Sunday and decided would be “good enough” seemed like a no go due to getting Nina to and from school as there is no public transport and even though it’s a 10 minute cycle ride the road is ridiculously dangerous. It all felt hopeless and I was feeling completely exhausted from all the driving around to get her to school plus also broken car woes. K told me I would magic something up because I always do, but I was completely disbelieving.

Anyway, on Tuesday I found out we can pay for her to go on a school bus each day, yesterday I reduced the price, today I accepted an offer and on Saturday we are viewing two chain-free houses, either of which I think would be perfectly fine for us and a big improvement on where we are now for all the reasons I’ve posted about before. So I will hopefully put an offer in on the one we like best on either Saturday or Monday.

I am so happy and excited – all being well we will be able to move in 2 or 3 months tops! It finally feels like everything is coming together and I couldn’t be more relieved and excited for our fresh start in a safe place that is surrounded by countryside and which will make daily life a million times easier too. Thank you Universe!

5 thoughts on “Thank You Universe”

  1. yay! amazing!! see, the universe is with you, CB! also, today is my twins’ 5th birthday — so big celebrations for all of the Capricorn babies! May their cerebral, grounded pragmatism give them the resilience to endure the wonders and traumas of their beautiful lives.

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  2. So incredibly awesome CB. I am so happy that something is finally budging for you and things are going well. YAY!!
    This will be so healing for both you and Nina. ❤

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