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Comments not appearing…

Anyone any ideas why my comments are appearing on my own blog and not on other people’s? I’ve tried googling but can’t find anything on this! I keep leaving long and considered responses on people’s posts and they just vanish!! I am really hating WP today!!! Any ideas gratefully received!

14 thoughts on “Comments not appearing…”

    1. I think maybe they are going to spam,… I’ve filled in a form but I have no idea what else to do! I will keep ‘testing’ grrrrr xx


  1. WordPress seems to go through spurts of marking legit comments as spam. It’s super annoying and I haven’t heard of anyone coming up with a solution to it. If you contact the blogger directly, you could ask them to check their comment spam folder to see if your comments ended up there.

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      1. Ok, well hopefully the form I filled out will sort it… At least I know I still exist lol πŸ˜‰ thanks for unspamming me!!


  2. I think you’re probably not the only one having comment issues. I had to jump through all the hoops a while back to get mine back on track. WordPress can sometimes be frustratingly glitchy.


    1. I’m glad you got yours sorted. It is very frustrating! I heard back from tech support and they couldn’t see why this is happening so I’ve filled out another form…


      1. Clearing my cache would temporarily fix the problem. You could try that in the interim. I can probably find the emails from when this last happened to me and post them in a blog for others having this issue. I’ll look into doing that today. If I can find them, it may save you and others some time.

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